That is right, it is maybe the most exciting time of the semester. This Friday, we will have Sciencepalooza where research from across the sciences (and math) will be on display. Put it on your calendars, and invite your friends and faculty members to the party. There will be food and lots of interesting big-time science. It is also your chance to ask poster creators questions so that you can be in the know about all the research on the walls of Dickinson next term.

When: May 29, 2014. Food: 12:00 pm, Posters: 12:30 – 2:00 pm
Where: Dickinson Hall

Science Workshop: Advanced work by Genelle Rankin and Robin Hrynyszyn

This week we will begin a series of Advanced Work presentations by our wonderful (and soon to be graduating) Science, Math ad Computing students. This Friday, Genelle Rankin and Robin Hrynyszyn will speak about their work in Science Workshop. As a reminder, the presentations will be in Dickinson 232 fro 1-2pm.


Genelle will give a talk on her research  titled “The Cockroach Escape Response: Investigating the Effects of Alarm Pheromones on the Sensory, Motor, and Central Nervous System of the Periplaneta americana.” You may have seen a preview of this research at the science poster session last year – come hear what happened with the rest of the project!



Robin will present a talk on his work titled “Vermont Fish Diaries: A Citizen Science App for Collecting Recreational Fishing Data in Vermont.” This is the culmination of a project combining computer science and fisheries biology. Come see what Robin has accomplished over the past year!


Special Science Workshop: Fall Poster Session!

This Friday will be the annual fall science poster session. There will be student work from many different science, math and computing classes. It is a great opportunity to find out what your classmates have been doing! This is also your chance to to be in the know on all the new posters that will decorate the Dickinson walls for the coming semester.

And as always, we will have some great food to kick off the event. All are welcome to attend. Come see what our students have been working on, ask good questions, enjoy good food, have a great time. It’s a terrific way to bring the semester to a close.

When: Dec. 5, 2014 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Where: Hallways of Dickinson
What: Annual Fall Poster Session – be there!

Welcome and Welcome Back

Campus seems to have changed overnight from the quiet that is life on campus in the summer to the constant activity that marks the start of term. It has been wonderful to welcome so many first year students who are excited about science, math and computing and to welcome back all of our returning students. We hope that all of you had enjoyable and productive summers and are ready to engage in all of the upcoming challenges that we delight in creating for you, as well as those you create for yourselves. We wanted to help you start the year off by sharing some news, information, and announcements you may find useful. Continue reading

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Science workshop this friday: Can you fish better than a robot?


Matthew Holden will talk about his research on the management of renewable resources, using fish as an example. Can mathematical models be used to improve the management of fisheries? As a baseline for comparison, we will play an interactive web-game, where you fish a hypothetical sockeye salmon population (so bring your laptops/tablets!). We will discuss the strategies you use and I will demonstrate some of the quantitative tools economists, fishery scientists and mathematicians have developed to maximize revenue and keep a sustainable number of fish in the ocean. How well can you manage the fishery using your intuition compared to a robot using only math? Come to Science Workshop this friday and find out!

Science workshops are fridays from 1 pm – 2 pm in Dickinson 148.

The Mathematics of Cooperation

Numbered honey bees on a comb - by Tom Seeley

Photograph by Tom Seeley

For those of you whom I have not yet met, I am a new faculty member in the realm of math and science. I teach math courses and my research focuses on using mathematics to better understand (and hopefully solve) biological, ecological, sociological, … problems. In my research I have used diverse mathematical approaches to understand self-organization in honey bee colonies, the evolution of counter-intuitive behaviors in a parasitoid wasp, and cooperation in groups of organisms. Some of you might already know about some of my work from the talk I gave last December on the evolution of restraint in the parasitoid wasp Hyposoter horticola.

Photograph by Katie Montovan

This Friday at the science workshop I will present my research on the mathematics of cooperation. I will talk somewhat generally about the ways that mathematicians approach behavioral questions and how these approached have added to our understanding of cooperation. I will also discuss my own work to understand how repeated interactions and frequent mistakes can facilitate the evolution of greater levels of cooperation in groups.

I think that we will even find a way to provide a cooperation themed snack!

An example of a cooperative dilemma

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