Next Science Workshop: Professor Andrea Grottoli

Andrea Grottoli

Coral Reefs and Climate Change: How Will Reefs Survive?

Please join us at our next Science Workshop as we welcome Professor Andrea Grottoli of the School for Earth Sciences at The Ohio State University. You can access a pdf of a relevant publication here.

Science Workshop is 1:00, Friday October 7 in Dickinson 232.

Refreshments will be served.

Welcome and Welcome Back

Campus seems to have changed overnight from the quiet that is life on campus in the summer to the constant activity that marks the start of term. It has been wonderful to welcome so many first year students who are excited about science, math and computing and to welcome back all of our returning students. We hope that all of you had enjoyable and productive summers and are ready to engage in all of the upcoming challenges that we delight in creating for you, as well as those you create for yourselves. We wanted to help you start the year off by sharing some news, information, and announcements you may find useful. Continue reading