Science Workshop: Advanced work by Genelle Rankin and Robin Hrynyszyn

This week we will begin a series of Advanced Work presentations by our wonderful (and soon to be graduating) Science, Math ad Computing students. This Friday, Genelle Rankin and Robin Hrynyszyn will speak about their work in Science Workshop. As a reminder, the presentations will be in Dickinson 232 fro 1-2pm.


Genelle will give a talk on her research  titled “The Cockroach Escape Response: Investigating the Effects of Alarm Pheromones on the Sensory, Motor, and Central Nervous System of the Periplaneta americana.” You may have seen a preview of this research at the science poster session last year – come hear what happened with the rest of the project!



Robin will present a talk on his work titled “Vermont Fish Diaries: A Citizen Science App for Collecting Recreational Fishing Data in Vermont.” This is the culmination of a project combining computer science and fisheries biology. Come see what Robin has accomplished over the past year!


Science Workshop: Magmatism vs. Tectonism: The key to understanding slow spreading mid-ocean ridges


Dr. John getting ready to dive to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in the Alvin Submersible

On Friday April 24, Dr. Barbara John from the University of Wyoming will present several aspects of her work at Science Workshop. Dr. John has done groundbreaking work in understanding extensional plate boundaries across the globe, and has most recently focused on investigating dynamics of slow-spreading mid-ocean ridges. Come and learn about how to conduct geologic research beneath several thousand meters of seawater, and what we are learning about Earth’s last frontier.