Alum news: Conservation education at Disney World

Emily Disney 2

Emily Mikucki on the job as a conservation educator at Disney World

Since graduating last spring, Emily Mikucki has been working as a conservation educator at the ‘Animal Kingdom’ park at Disney World.  She reports that she gets to “interact with guests through the Wilderness Explorers Program [to] help them learn about wildlife, animal behaviors and conservation.”  Emily’s work at Bennington focused, from the beginning, on the ecology and conservation of her favorite group of organisms — insects and, more specifically, butterflies and moths (the Order Lepidoptera).  Not surprisingly, she reports that her favorite part of the work at Disney World “is informing guests (primarily kids and families) about the different insects we have, and their morphologies and behaviors, and helping to build young biologists and entomologists.”  She also studied Spanish at Bennington, and spent several summers and FWTs doing conservation work in natural areas and conservation programs in Latin America.  This has also helped her in her job at Disney World, where she is part of the language program (“it’s says español on my name tag”).

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