“Pssssst. Buddy, I got some news you wanna hear.

genetics lab2

 Original Post: But I’m only telling you ‘cuz you got an honest face. Can I trust you?


Not out loud! Just nod your head. Good. Like that. Now, can I trust you? OK.

Write this down: Friday, December 6th is WinterPaloozaPosterFestFeast. C’mon, don’t look so surprised, pal, you knew it was coming. It happens every year at this time. And this year it’s gonna blow them argyle socks right off yer feet. You want Genetics? The WHOLE flippin’ Genetics class is doing a project that they’ll present in a poster. That’s them down there, right below.

genetics lab1

Oh, I get, you’re one of them there physics types, I can tell by that look in yer eyes. There’ll be tons of physics posters. And math. And so many animal phys posters you won’t be able to swing a dead cat without hittin’ one. And for the coop degracey, we got more than a baker’s dozen of posters in two – that’s right two – flavors of ecology: Landscape Ecology and  Agroecology.

Now, can I count on you?

Yes, yes, yes, there’ll be chow – lots of pizza, drinks, desserts. Word on the street is there may even be some vindyloo. The grub’ll be ready at noon and posters’ll  be startin’ at 12:30. Where? In Dickinson – all over the building.

physics lab




You in? Great! Now go spread the word.”



Update (12/6): Terrific job today, everyone – lots of great science was enjoyed by all. 

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