Welcome and Welcome Back

Campus seems to have changed overnight from the quiet that is life on campus in the summer to the constant activity that marks the start of term. It has been wonderful to welcome so many first year students who are excited about science, math and computing and to welcome back all of our returning students. We hope that all of you had enjoyable and productive summers and are ready to engage in all of the upcoming challenges that we delight in creating for you, as well as those you create for yourselves. We wanted to help you start the year off by sharing some news, information, and announcements you may find useful.First of all we would like to welcome back Tim Schroeder from his year-long sabbatical in Germany. While he was away he performed some new and exciting research which he will present in science workshop on September 12.  His talk is titled Carbon sequestration via olivine carbonation: A possible practical application of studying little bits of rock from the bottom of the ocean. If you can’t find him in Dickinson it might be because his office has moved to be adjacent to the New Geology Lab that we are pleased to unveil this semester.

The new Geology Lab (Dickinson 232) will also be the new home for our weekly Science Workshops every Friday at 1:00 pm. During these workshops we will discuss each other’s work, hear from outside speakers, and generally talk about issues pertaining to doing science. The first workshop will be on Friday September 5th and will be an informal Meet-n-Greet in which students and faculty, new and old, will gather to meet and reconnect. We already have a number of interesting talks lined up for this fall including the previously mentioned talk by Tim Schroeder. On October 3 we will welcome Matt Buckley, an astrophysicist from Rutgers University to talk about his research in dark matter. Dipankar Maitra, an astronomer at Wheaton College, will share his work on Black Hole Binary Stars on October 31. We are also pleased to have biologist Susan Gilbert from RPI speak about her research at Science Workshop on November 14.  Please join us on these and every Friday for stimulating discussions, good company and the best snacks on campus.

Finally, the last Science Workshop of each term is a Poster Session for student work. This term will be no different, so be on the lookout for the exact date in early December for this great opportunity to see what everyone will have accomplished by then.

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