Biology at Bennington is everything from working directly with DNA and proteins to laboratory studies of neurobiology and behavior to field research on population dynamics and ecosystem function.  But no matter where your focus lies within the vast scope of biological sciences, your work will always involve original research — both close study of current research from the primary literature, and research you carry out.  Science is a creative act; Bennington students know this, and they move readily into the larger world of science and the applications of science.

Bennington biology students:

  • work with Bennington faculty on their own research,
  • participate in major research labs and in real-world science applications during summers and FWT,
  • and conduct their own original research in classes, tutorials, and advanced projects and theses.

For his research in Neurons, Networks, and Behavior, Ben Broderick Phillips ’13 studied electrophysiological responses of moth visual systems to different wavelengths of light. He related his results to the ecological history of the moths.


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