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A Unique Approach.

At Bennington, science and math students work closely with active professional scientists and have full access to well-equipped research facilities and labs. What’s special at Bennington is that this is true from the day you walk into your first science or math class. There are no large lecture halls and you don’t have to pass through the filter of an impersonal survey course to get to the real substance of the discipline. All labs are with regular faculty members and most are project-oriented. You are very likely to find yourself, in your first year, designing and executing original research projects, exploring very current problems, working with faculty members on their own research. It only gets better from there; Bennington science and math students graduate as sophisticated researchers and perceptive critics, and are welcomed at the best graduate programs.

And, of course, science and math students, like all Bennington students, work with their teachers to design their own individualized course of study. This means you can create a plan to address the questions that interest you most, even if these do not reside neatly within traditional disciplinary boundaries. Or even entirely within the realms of science and math; synthetic plans that combine work in the sciences with study in the humanities, social sciences, are welcome at Bennington. We do not separate the researcher, the writer-scientist (or scientist-writer), the dancer studying anatomy, the policy student grappling with environmental problems, the artist who wants to understand the physics of light and color; these may all find themselves in the same classroom, approaching science on their own terms.

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