Bennington graduates go on to pursue a wide array of careers in the sciences and related fields.  Because Bennington students work closely, in small classes, with practicing scientists, develop and conduct their own research projects, bring their work into the real world through internships and research assistantships during summer and Field-Work Term, they find ready entry into the world of the sciences — or, if they follow other careers, they bring an intimate understanding of how science works to whatever arenas they find themselves in.

Bennington graduates include:

  • doctors and veterinarians
  • researchers
    • Jason Fridley ’96 (Ph.D. Faculty member Syracuse University)
    • Daniel Levitis ’00 (Ph.D. Researcher at Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Demography)
    • Kristina Stinson ’92 (Ph.D., Harvard Forest and University of Massachusetts)
    • Catherine Ravenscroft (M.S. in environmental policy, Univ California – Santa Barbara; M.S. in geography, Univ. Wisconsin; Ph.D. student in ecology, Syracuse Univ.)
    • James Burtis ‘?? (M.S. Student in Natural Resources, Cornell Univ)
  • educators
    • Lucas Westcott ’03 (Naturalist-interpreter, National Park Service, Isle Royale N.P.)
    • Caitlin Hussey  (teaching physical science at
    • Dana Visser ’03 (high school biology teacher, Burlington VT)
  • naturalists
    • Dorothy Wallace-Senft ’94 (field botanist, U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service)
  • policy-makers and managers
    • Adam Scheinkman  (M.S. in agricultural ecology, Cornell; International Agriculture Program Specialist,  Foreign Agricultural Service USDA)
  • and things that defy classification
    • Josie Lawlor ’03 (landscape design, software developer)
  • Graduate School in Chemistry/Toxicology/Computing
    • Daya Iyer
    • Ryan Johnson
    • Humair Madhani
  • Science -related careers
    • Angela Herring  (Science Writer; Northeastern University)
    • Tambu Kudze ’2011 (Mass General Hospital) coauthor of a recent paper in Science
    • Holly Mutascio  ’12 (Mote Marine Laboratory, Sarasota, FL)
  • Medical School
    • Caitlin Orner (University of Rochester Medical School)
  • Technology
    • Ben Broderick-Phillips ’13 (Software/Hardware Engineer; Nebula)
    • Pratham Joshi ’13 (Software Engineer, Tufts University Medical School)


2 thoughts on “Graduates

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the interesting list of graduates. I just wanted to make a few corrections: I graduated in 1993, not 1994, and my work as a field botanist is in the category of Researchers rather than Naturalists (that would make no one be in that category, but as I look down the list, you could insert Lucas Wescott in there as his title actually includes the word naturalist). This summer I worked for the State of Montana (thanks to sequestration), so if you want to be really convoluted, you could include that after USFS and NPS.
    Thanks again for the fun info,
    Best, Dorothy

  2. I graduated in 1991 and obtained a Master’s in Public Administration with a concentration in Environmental Policy from Columbia University in 1995. I specialise in Forest Preservation and work to prevent clear-cutting, biomass power plants, agrochemical use, and other disruptions of forest ecosystems. I fight to keep wild lands wild and prevent development and other forms of human encroachment. I also research forest policy at the international level as an academic. (Hi Dorothy! I still follow your tip about nettle tea.)

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