Discipline Phone
e-mail address
John Bullock Chemistry (Ph. D., University of Minnesota, 1990) (802) 440-4472 jbullock@bennington.edu
Andrew Cencini Computing (MS, University of Washington, 2008) (802) 440-4468 acencini@bennington.edu
Hugh Crowl Astronomy & Physics (Ph. D., Yale, 2006) (802) 440-4481 hcrowl@bennington.edu
Janet Foley Chemistry (Ph. D., University of Maine, 1996) (802) 440-4463 jfoley@bennington.edu
Valerie Imbruce Environmental Studies (Ph. D., City University of New York Graduate Center and New York Botanical Garden, 2006) (802) 440-4891 VImbruce@bennington.edu
Andrew McIntyre Mathematics (Ph. D., SUNY Stony Brook) (802) 440-4467 AMcIntyre@bennington.edu
Amie McClellan Biology (Ph. D., University of Pittsburgh, 2001) (802) 440-4469 AMcClellan@bennington.edu
Katie Montovan Mathematics (Ph. D., Cornell, 2013) KMontovan@bennington.edu
Tim Schroeder Earth Science (Ph. D., University of Wyoming) (802) 440-4464 TSchroeder@bennington.edu
Elizabeth Sherman Biology (Ph. D., University of Vermont, 1977) (802) 440-4466 sherman@bennington.edu
Kerry Woods Biology (Ph. D., Cornell, 1980) (802) 440-4465 kwoods@bennington.edu


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