From the Field: Butterfly Farming in Ecuador

Dircenna adina stenheili — a clearwing buttefly

Rothschildia lebeau — a giant saturniid moth

Senior Emily Mikucki  reports that she’s been working with an eco-tourism lodge in the cloud forests near Nanegal, Ecuador (check it out) to help develop a butterfly farm.

Emily has been obsessed with lepidopterans (moths and butteflies) for years, and hopes to turn that obsession into a career as  as a conservation biologist. At Bennington, she studies biology and Spanish (the latter to give her a head start doing conservation and field work in Latin America)  Meanwhile, she takes photos of them — these two are from Ecuador.

This isn’t the first time Emily has spent FWT in the tropics. In past years, she has worked with researchers in the Amazon basin of Peru and with butterfly conservationists in Costa Rica.